Sometimes Life throws us a Curve Ball and we land on our faces, but you know as they say, if you turn around while you are on the ground, you have no where else to look but UP! As R.E.M.s song title says “Everybody Hurts, Sometime”,  just some handle pain differently. As a child I lost my father at 8 years old, was in and out of Hospitals, barely surviving surgeries, and always in physical pain until I was 17.

So why do we suffer? I can just share with you what I have learned, struggling as a single Mom in my 20’s, being in a few mentally and physically abusive relationships, and praying at night to God that I could pay the bills and provide for my then very young daughter. I had no one to help me, but I never lost my faith in God, no matter how bad things got. I also knew that there was a reason for all of this suffering, and later I figured out why.

While you are trying to survive, or going through a loss, you ask God “Why Lord? Why is this happening to me?”, and sometimes you get so angry you blame him and then stop talking to him. First of all, God created the Universal Law of Free Will & Law of Attraction. We create our path, by the choices we make and who we let in. However, people will come into our lives for a reason, for a lesson we need to learn.

After my abusive relationships I was able to relate to other women suffering from abuse, helping them find shelter, counseling, and a financial plan to get back on their feet and start a new and happy life.

From my physical suffering as a child, I learned Empathy, and later was able to help the sick, while working in a Hospital for many years. It felt good to make patients smile, give them hope and make them comfortable. I even became a Reiki Master Healer, and with God working through me, healed many sick people.

We suffer, so we can connect to other people, to help one another, put aside Prejudice, feel their pain and be ONE as a HUMAN Race. When we struggle we become stronger, and appreciate all the gifts we are given.

If you always get everything you want, you can not really appreciate anything, and take everything for granted. Nothing will ever be enough, because you will be searching for Happiness all your life, when true Love is deep within you.

Perhaps that is what “The Kingdon of God is Within You” means. Happiness is within us, by living each moment to the fullest, forgiving those who have hurt us, letting go of the past, the ego, selfishness and just loving one another. We are all Spiritual Beings, Living a Human Experience.

*Ways I Overcame My Depression

My Daughter was a great Motivator, and looking into her eyes I knew I had to get off the couch, and get my life back.

I went for walks – being one with nature, enjoying the sunshine, playing with my daugher in the park. Sunlight creates Vitamin D in our Body that helps with the production of the Happiness Hormones, which strenthen our bones keeping us healthy.

I set short-term goals that I could reach, and achieving them made me feel like I had more control over my life. I surrounded myself with Happy, Positive People, listened to upbeat, positive Music, watched funny movies, and just learned to live in the now, smelling the Roses along the way.

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