I genuinely care about people and want to help as many people as I can to make more money, live a happy, healthy, loving and more balanced  life. I’m a spiritual, empathetic and a very compassionate, caring woman, and don’t like seeing friends, family and people suffer because of failed relationships, job loss, hunger or tragedies. I want to help “MAKE a DIFFERENCE”! 

My Goal is to open 3 Major Centers. 

Any support, volunteers or connections will be greatly appreciated!

I will create 3 Funds and donate 20% of my income towards creating these much needed, special Centers. 

(10% for the Homeless Center, 5% for the After-school Program and 5% for the Spiritual & Healing Center).

1. For the Homeless and Abused – to Feed, Clothe, Shelter, Educate, provide FREE Counseling, Drug Rehab, Coaching, Education, Job Placement and Entrepreneurial Skills. There will be classes, computers, and caring volunteers and educators, including myself.

2. After-school Program for Teens – Providing Recreational Activities, Sports, Games, Books, Education, Crafts, Gardening, Dances, and providing Dog, Babysitting, Lawn mowing, and Maintenance Jobs etc… to help Teens stay off the streets and away from Gangs. 

3. Healing & Spiritual Center – For those who have been told there is no hope, to give them other natural healing options. There will be volunteer healers, educators, nutritionists, massage therapists and meditation classes.


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