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How I Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income



I was still working full time at the Hospital when I started a Photography Business on the side taking Portrait Photos of Couples, Engagements, Families, Children, Proms and for Model Portfolios. My husband and I enjoy traveling, so I started taking sunrise and sunset photos of mountains, beaches and lakes from all around the US. I signed up to be an artist on Fine Art America and posted my large format travel photos. After sharing my shots on all Social Media, Flickr & on Phone apps. I noticed the sales increasing, so I stopped taking Portrait Photos and enjoyed sticking with Landscape, Nature  & Fine Art Photography. I will share more on where & how to advertise and sell your photos! Soon I had 4 Publishers write Articles about me making me one of the Top 10 Travel Photographers in the World. I shared these on LinkedIn and will add here later. My Photos: Flickr  * SKM.Photography * Photographer

Income #2 

I wanted to lose weight after a knee injury (I could barely walk for 2 years and gained weight). To get motivated I signed up to Healthy Wage & Dietbet and won thousands of dollars to lose weight (getting final pay for Dietbet this week and will share the total).  I am working on a NEW Health and Fitness Website!

Income #3

After my husband lost a ton of money investing himself, I took over (I had previous Investment experience from Business School and investing in a No-Load Mutual Fund for my daughter, and made a killing before the market crashed in 2008/2009). I am still investing heavily into our IRA & Roth Accounts, using Ameritrade, making an average of 28% even during the Bear Market. I will share more details later. AMERITRADE

I quit my Job at the Hospital and created more way to MAKE MONEY!

Income #4

Affiliate Marketing – Promoting Other Businesses and Products and getting a 10-25% Return.

(I will share all the differnt types & How I did it).

#5 -15 Coming later !

I will write in more detail about each of these and also share articles on LinkedIn


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