I definitely can relate to all the Work-at-Home Mom’s, and how TIME can be a LUXURY! I am fortunate enough to be able to watch my Grandkids, while my Daughter Works. However their naps are getting shorter, and “Me” Time is almost Non-Existing! I’m finding Ways to MAXIMIZE my PRODUCTIVE TIME!  

When I first started being an Entrepreneur I did not have any Grandkids. Since then a lot has changed & now I Babysit my 2.5 yr old Grandson and 2 month old Granddaughter. I do this because I can and want to be a part of their lives. However time now is very precious, and like most people, especially single parents, you can feel like you have to be in too many places at the same time, which can be stressful if you don’t prepare for it. We get bombarded with so much Noise, especially from Social Media, Businesses, emails, spam, phone calls from various numbers, that you can’t even hear your own thoughts. Many people even have meltdowns. I will share with you what is working for me, which may be different for you.

3 Things You MUST DO!

1 PRIORITIES what is most IMPORTANT to you. What gives you meaning, helps you grow as a person and makes you happy. Let go of everything else that stresses you out; unsubscribe, say “NO!”. Take back your TIME and use it for more meaningful things.

2 Set a SCHEDULE, create a Calendar (I like Google Calendar, so I can share events or appointments with my family, so they also know when I am busy. I also like the reminders on my phone. I use a Weekly Calendar that I can glance at and a Wall Calendar too). Don’t let others tell you when they want or need you. You tell them what days work for you, and try to be consistent like every Tue & Thu at a certain time. 

3 MAKE TIME for YOURSELF! Never neglect yourself, your health, and the things that are important to you! If you are not well and fall apart, you can’t help others. Once a week have “Me” time, doing things like: take a bubble bath, finish reading your favorite book, organize your closet, go to the Chiropractor or get a Massage, go out to dinner with your sweetie, take a class you enjoy, etc…

***Also it is very important to go outside and be “One with Nature”. We were not meant to be stuck inside a building every day, but to be outside, breathe the fresh air, feel the sun, which helps you produce your own vitamin D, the “Happy” mood hormone, and strengthens your bones. Have you ever seen Teenagers sleep all day and go out in the evening. During the day they are irritable, (you don’t dare wake them or go in their room). I think it is because their bodies are not producing enough of the “feel good hormones”, and they need some sunshine. 🙂 Even if you have kids, if you can take them to the playground even just for 20-30 minutes a day. They will sleep much better too.


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