Get some FRESH AIR, being out in NATURE, going for a walk (2-5 miles), taking a warm, relaxing bath, and having a glass of wine will help you to relax and get to sleep.

Also keep electrical devices even your phone out of the bedroom and away from your head. Small amounts of radiation are released and keep you from good sleep. No falling asleep with the TV on! Black out or darken your room. The slightest light can keep you from a good night’s sleep. Your skin has sensors that can detect light and you can not produce enough Melatonin, which is needed for sleep.

Reading a book (not one that makes you have bad dreams, but maybe adventure or romance), will make you relaxed and tired. Don’t drink caffeine or soda after 1 pm (It can stay in your system for 8-10 hours and mess with your neurotransmitters, even if you don’t think it does). Zzzzzz







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